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We produce about 2.8 million cubic meters of sewage every day and it contains 1,200 tonnes of sludge. Adopting MRM technology can be a new way out to convert sewage sludge into resources.

HK Current Sewage Sludge Treatment

T-Park Treatmemt.png

T Park - Sewage Sludge is used as fuel

  • The heat energy produced from the sludge incineration process is recovered and converted into electricity

  • Self-sustained power generation up to

  • 2 megawatts

  • Capable to process up to 2000 tons/day with 4 fluidized bed incinerators

Co-digestion Trial Scheme.png

Food Waste / Sewage Sludge Anaerobic Co-digestion Trial Scheme 

The pre-treated food waste is recycled to generate electricity.

  • The pre-treated food waste will be anaerobically co-digested with sewage sludge to generate biogas to produce electricity for the sewage treatment facilities’ internal consumption

  • In this stage, the amount of food waste to be treated would be gradually built up to a maximum of 40 to 50 tons per day

Benefits of Adopting MRM into Sewage Treatment

sludge treatment v3.png
  • provide such safe conditions in terms of pathogen-free, hazard chemical-free, and heavy metal solidification

  • enhance methane production by shortening the digestion time

  • reduce up to 1/3 energy usage compared to the traditional sludge heat drying process, and sludge incineration processes

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